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Sicoma turbine (pan) mixers

Know the dimensions and technical specifications of our vertical shaft mixer turbo.

Galletti Ibérica

All Sicoma Turbine mixers can be shipped in standard open top containers or trucks due to the fact that the tank can be separated into two or more bolted segments. Reassembly on site is simple and quick as the segments are located on positioning pins and then bolted together. The tank walls and floor are lined in wear resistant steel plates. Under request, they can be lined with Ni-Hard plates.

Galletti Ibérica

All the mixing arms are connected to the rotating drive system with spring shock absorbers operated by cams. This system absorbs any shock loads caused by the mix blades hitting obstructions and protects the drive gearbox. It also allows easy adjustment of the mix blades clearance to the tank floor.

Galletti Ibérica

Sicoma Turbine mixers can be fitted with one or twin rotating agitator systems to increase mixing efficiency and to reduce the mix cycle time. A special discharge blade can further reduce the total mixing cycle time.

Galletti Ibérica

All parts of the discharge door/s are produced using very accurate CNC machining and the full door assembly is then bolted to the tank. This guarantees the correct positioning of the door and that the door segment rotates in a perfect arc and is in contact with the rubber door seal on the tank. This prevents any unwanted leakage when the door is closed and prevents any possibility of the door jamming.


Galletti Ibérica

Two high pressure rotating stainless steel spray bars with adjustable spray nozzles fixed to the drive turret wash the mixer floor very thoroughly and a further two fixed bars wash the arms and mixing paddles as they rotate, as well as the pan walls.

Galletti Ibérica

All Sicoma turbine mixers have a range of optional accessories available, these include aggregate skip hoists, cement weigh hoppers, water weighing systems, dust reducing airbags, high pressure wash systems, accelerated discharge blades and multiple discharge doors. All accessories are pre-assembled in the factory to guarantee minimum assembly time on site.

Galletti Ibérica

SICOMA have been producing Turbine (PAN) mixers for more than 20 years, utilising the expertise gained by the parent company OMG in the production of planetary mixers for the past 45 years. The know how from the planetary mixer production was the basis for the high quality and up to date design and production methods used for the Sicoma Turbine mixers.


Turbine (PAN) mixers - 03

Turbine (PAN) mixers - 07
Turbine (PAN) mixers - 08
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Turbine (PAN) mixers
In GALLETTI IBÉRICA want to show you our turbine mixer through the following downloadable documents:

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