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Original spare parts

Recambios originales maquinaria hormigoneras
En Galletti Ibérica contamos con un gran stock de recambios originales para mezcladoras de hormigón OMG, SICOMA, GALLETTI

Original spare parts – 01
Original spare parts – 02
Original spare parts – Sicoma.
Original spare parts - Stellite mixing paddles.

Original spare parts

We have a wide stock of original spare parts for the planetary Galletti-OMG mixers and for the twin shaft compulsory mixer OMG-SICOMA.
Our department of sales and after-sales will give you the personalized attention that your company needs. Use genuine spare parts, save time and lose worries beside maintains the guarantee of your machinery.

Contact us, we manufacture a wide range of mixers high performance for any mixing process. 
​933 036 200